9 दिसंबर 2019 Gk | 9 December 2019 gk question

9 दिसंबर 2019 Gk | 9 December 2019 gk question

9 December 2019 gk question

(1) Who among the following has hosted the “Summit 2019 of NATO countries”?
A – America
B – Britain
C – Japan
D – India

Answer: Britain

(Explanation) – Britain hosted the “NATO countries summit 2019”. The 2019 summit is organized to mark the 70th anniversary of the organization. CINorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization) Establishment – 4 April 1949, Headquarters – Brussels (Belgium), Member – 30, General Secretary – Jens Stoltenberg. NATO is a military organization. The 30th member of NATO became Macedonia on 6 February 2019. Overall, the main objective of this establishment was to unify the whole world against the Soviet Union and increase the influence of America.

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(2) Which Indian hockey player has been nominated for FIH’s Player of the Year Award?
A – Vivek Prasad
B – Akashdeep Singh
C – Mandeep Singh
D – Manpreet Singh

Answer: Manpreet Singh

(Explanation) – Manpreet Singh Indian hockey player has been nominated for FIH’s Player of the Year Award
FIH stands for International Hockey Federation (Establishment of International Hockey Federation) – 7 January 1924 Headquarters – Lausanne (Switzerland) with its President – Narendra Batra

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(3) Who has been made the plogging ambassador of the 50th Fit India Plogging Run?
A – Krishna Kumar Iyer
B – Ripu Daman Bewali
C – Rajkumar Dhakre
D – Parveen Kumar

Answer – Ripu Daman Bewali

(Explanation) – Plug run is a unique race, which involves running cleanliness, which has been included in the Fit India campaign and under which fitness is also promoted along with cleanliness (cleanliness). When was the Fit India campaign launched – on 29 August 2019. This campaign was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself on National Sports Day i.e. 29 August.

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(4) In which country 18 Indian citizens have died due to explosion in LPG tanker?
A – Sudan
B – Afghanistan
C – Saudi Arabia
D – India

Answer: Sudan

(Explanation) – The accident took place in Silla Soramic factory, a ceramic pottery factory in Khatum, the capital of Sudan. In Arabic, Sudan means the country of black people.
In April 2019, President Omar Albashir was removed from the post and taken into custody by the military amid the ongoing anti-government protests in Sudan.

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(5) According to the World Malaria Report 2019 released by WHO, how much percentage of malaria cases in India has decreased in 2018 as compared to 2017?
A – 21%
B – 28%
C – 10%
D – 12%

Answer – 28%

(Explanation) – According to this report released by WHO, India is one of the two countries most affected by malaria, where there has been a significant decline in cases of fever between 2017 and 2018. Around 6 percent of the total cases of malaria worldwide have been found in only 6 countries. These include Nigeria (24 per cent), Congo (11 per cent), Tanzania (5 per cent), Angola (4 per cent), Mozambique (4 per cent) and Niger (4 per cent). – What was the theme of World Malaria Day 2019 – Zero Malaria Starts with Me. The Indian government has set a target to eliminate malaria by 2030, but it is estimated that India will achieve this target by 2027.

9 December 2019 gk question

(6) Who has recently been awarded the 33rd Murtidevi Award 2019?
A – Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari
B – Raghu Ram Rajan
C – Bishant Kumar Bhardwaj
D – Raj Kumar Shah

Answer – Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari

(Explanation) – This award has been given for his creation, Asti and Bhavati. This award is given by the Jnanpith Committee of India, with this award an amount of 4 lakh rupees is given. Who has recently been announced for the Jnanpith Award 2019 – Avikatam Achuthan Namboodari (Malayalam poet) is the 55th edition of the Jnanpith Award.

(7) Name the first living person of Switzerland, whose photo is engraved on the Swiz coin?
A – Roger Federer
B – Marat Safin
C – Jiri Novak
D – Carlos Moya

Answer – Roger Federer

(Explanation) – Roger Federer (tennis player) Swissmint has created a 20-franc silver coin, affecting Federer’s image. This is the first time in its history that Swissmint has created a commemorative coin to honor a living person.

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(8) Indra – 2019 Triseva maneuver will be between which two countries?
A – India – Russia
B – Russia – Bangladesh
C – India – France
D – America – Russia
Answer – India – Russia
(Explanation) – This exercise will be held from 10 December to 19 December at Babina, Pune and Goa near Jhansi. Triceva means that three Army, Navy, and Air Force will participate in this exercise. India started its Indra maneuvers with Russia in 2003, while the first tri-service exercise was held in 2017. Capital – Moscow, Currency – Ruble, Parliament – Duma, News Agency – Tash, President Vladimir Putin.

(9) Recently, which country has become the best police station?
A – Delhi Police Station
B – Mumbai Police Station
C – Aberdeen Police Station
D – Goa Police Station

Answer: Aberdeen Police Station

(Explanation) – Aberdeen Police Station (Andaman and Nicobar Islands) This police station has been ranked first in the list of the best police stations in the country in matters related to property disputes, crime against women and weaker sections. The Ministry of Home Affairs has released the list of 10 best performing police stations in the country, of which Balasinor police station in Gujarat is at the second place while Ajk Barhanpur police station of Madhya Pradesh has got the third place.
Where was the first tripartite exercise SITMEX-2019 – Port Blair. A maneuver called SITMEX took place between the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), Royal Thailand Navy (RTN) and the Indian Navy (IN) at Port Blair.

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(10) How many people have been given the National Florence Nightingale Award 2019 in total?
A – 29
B – 36
C – 41
D – 14
Answer – 36
(Explanation) – The main name in these awards is Lini Sajesh, who died while caring for a patient infected with Nipah virus in Kerala. Florence Nightingale was born in London and made her life the goal of serving people through nursing. The Florence Nightingale Award was instituted in the year 1973 by the Government of India to honor the exemplary work done by Nau. Florence Nightingale is also known as The Lady with the Lamp.